Getting help on IRC

#sailsjs on

If you are looking for a quick answer and you can't find what you're looking for in the docs, come ask in our IRC chat room. While there is typically somebody there who can answer your question, please remember that #sailsjs is 100% community maintained. That means that help is given at the discretion of the community. For best results, be polite and to the point.

If you've never been on IRC, now is the perfect time. Getting started is easy.

Grab An IRC Client

Below you'll find some of the more popular IRC Clients.


Using apt package manager for Ubuntu/Debian

sudo apt-get install weechat


sudo steveJobsPM --prettyPlease install -m 'is this okay?' irssi


Sails Troll

Sails Troll is our resident IRC Bot. His job is to write down what people say in case someone wants to find it later.

He also informs the room whenever someone pushes up a change to any of the repos in the Sails.js ecosystem.

Setting Up Your Client

Registering On Freenode

Our chat room is on the Freenode network. Freenode does not require that you register your nick name. You do have the option to though. If you want to do this, read about how to do it on the freenode website

Getting on Freenode

Each IRC Client is a little different to configure. All of the ones we have recommended have very straight forward configuration process. If your client provides a list of available servers, look for the one called Freenode.

Make sure to put in a nick to go by.

Upon connecting to the Freenode network, join us by typing /join #sailsjs.

If you registered a nick, you can identify yourself with /msg nickserv identify <password>