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Get the IDs of all sockets subscribed to a room.



Argument Type Details
1 roomName The name of the room whose socket ids should be retrieved.
e.g. 'supportchat'


// => ['BetX2G-2889Bg22xi-jy', 'BTA4G-8126Kr32bi-za']

// Controller action

getRoomSubscribers: function(req, res) { if (!req.isSocket) return res.badRequest(); if (!req.param('room')) return res.badRequest('No room specified- please specify the name of the room whose subscribers you want to look up.');

var subscribers = sails.sockets.subscribers(room); return res.ok(require('util').format( 'The "%s" room currently has %d subscribers: ', req.param('room'), subscribers.length, subscribers )); } ``` -->

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