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sails.sockets.broadcast( roomName, [event], data, [socketToOmit] )

Broadcast a message to a room.

sails.sockets.broadcast(roomName, data);


  • sails.sockets.broadcast(roomName, eventName, data);
  • sails.sockets.broadcast(roomName, data, socketToOmit);
  • sails.sockets.broadcast(roomName, eventName, data, socketToOmit);


Argument Type Details
1 roomName The room to broadcast a message in (see sails.sockets.join)
2 eventName Optional. Defaults to 'message'.
3 data The data to send in the message.
4 socketToOmit Optional. If provided, that socket will not receive the message. This is useful if you trigger the broadcast from a client, but don't want that client to receive the message itself (for example, sending a message to everybody else in a chat room).


sails.sockets.broadcast('artsAndEntertainment', { msg: 'Hi there!' });


  • The phrase "request socket" here refers to an application-layer WebSocket/ connection. req.socket also exists for HTTP requests, but it refers to the underlying TCP socket at the transport layer, which is different. Be sure and ensure req.isSocket == true before using req.socket with this method.

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