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Updates existing records in the database that match the specified criteria.



Description Accepted Data Types Required ?
1 Find Criteria {},[{}], string, int Yes
2 Updated Records {},[{}] Yes
3 Callback function No

Callback Parameters

Description Possible Data Types
1 Error Error
2 Sucessfully Updated Records [{}]

Example Usage

User.update({name:'Walter Jr'},{name:'Flynn'}).exec(function afterwards(err, updated){

  if (err) {
    // handle error here- e.g. `res.serverError(err);`

  console.log('Updated user to have name ' + updated[0].name);


  • An array of primary key values passed to .update() for a collection association will set the association to contain only the records with those primary key values provided. That is- it unlinks all other records from the association.
  • Although you may pass .update() an object or an array of objects, it will always return an array of objects.
  • If you specify a primary key (e.g. 7 or "50c9b254b07e040200000028") instead of a criteria object, any .where() filters will be ignored.
  • Currently, calling .populate() on an .update() query has no effect. To populate attributes on the results, you should follow up your update with a find().populate() query.

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