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  • Checks for the existence of the record in the first parameter. If it can't be found, the record in the second parameter is created.
  • If no parameters are passed, it will return the first record that exists.
  • If no record is provided, it will either find a record with matching criteria or create the record if the object can not be found.

Eg. Model.findOrCreate( findCriteria , recordToCreate , [callback] )



Parameter Type Details
{},[{}], string, int The criteria used to find the record. If not found and no recordToCreate is provided, it is also the record that will be created.
recordToCreate {}, [{}] The object, or array of objects, that you would like to create
callback function(error, createdOrFoundRecords) The function that will be called after the command is executed

Callback Parameters

Parameter Type Details
error `Error' An error is returned if the request is unsuccessful
createdOrFoundRecords {}, [{}] The object, or array of objects, that were found or created

Example Usage

User.findOrCreate({name:'Walter'}, {name:'Jessie'}).exec(function createFindCB(error, createdOrFoundRecords){
  console.log('What\'s cookin\' ''?');


Any string arguments passed must be the ID of the record. If you are trying to find an attribute that is an array, you must wrap it in an additional set of brackets otherwise Waterline will think you want to perform an inQuery.

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