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Attempt to find a particular record in your database that matches the given criteria.

Something.findOne(criteria).exec(function (err, record) {



Argument Type Details
1 criteria The first record which matches this Waterline criteria will be returned.
Argument Type Details
1 err The error that occurred, or undefined if there were no errors.
2 record The record that was found, or undefined if no such record could be located.


To locate the user whose username is "finn" in your database:

}).exec(function (err, finn){
  if (err) {
    return res.negotiate(err);
  if (!finn) {
    return res.notFound('Could not find Finn, sorry.');

  sails.log('Found "%s"', finn.fullName);
  return res.json(finn);


  • Being unable to find a record with the given criteria does not constitute an error for findOne(). If no matching record is found, the value of record in the callback will be undefined.

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