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Configuration for your app's server-side views. The options are conventionally specified in the config/views.js configuration file.


Property Type Default Details
layout -or- "layout" Set the default layout for your app by specifying the relative path to the desired layout file from your views folder (i.e. views/.) Or disable layout support altogether with false. Built-in support for layouts is only relevant when using ejs (see below)
engine "ejs" The view engine your app will use to compile server-side markup into HTML.
extension Same as engine The file extension for view files.
locals {} Default data to be included as view locals every time a server-side view is compiled anywhere in this app.


  • If your app is NOT using ejs (the default view engine) Sails will function as if the layout option was set to false. To take advantage of layouts when using a custom view engine like Jade or Handlebars, check out that view engine's documentation to find the appropriate syntax.

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