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Your default project-wide model settings. Can also be overridden on a per-model basis by providing a top-level property with the same name in that model definition. For more details, see the conceptual docs on Model Settings. These options are conventionally specified in the config/models.js configuration file.



Property Type Default Details
attributes {} The basic pieces of information to store about a model. See Attributes.
migrate see Model Settings How & whether Sails will attempt to automatically rebuild the tables/collections/etc. in your schema
connection "localDiskDb" The default database connection any given model will use without a configured override
autoPK true Toggle the automatic definition of a primary key in your model
autoCreatedAt true Toggle the automatic definition of a property createdAt in your model
autoUpdatedAt true Toggle the automatic definition of a property updatedAt in your model
tableName identity Used to specify database table name for the model
dynamicFinders true Toggle the automatic creation of Dynamic Finders

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