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sails new

sails new <appName> creates a new Sails project in a folder called appName.

  • --no-linker Disable automatic asset linking in your view and static HTML files (the relevant grunt tasks will not be created)
  • --no-frontend Disable the generation of the assets folder and files. Views will be created with hardcopied linked resources off of
  • --template=[template language] Use a different template language than the default (e.g. jade). Requires that a views generator for that language (e.g. sails-generate-views-jade) be installed in your global node path (e.g. ~/node_modules/ works).

sails new is really just a special generator which runs sails-generate-new. In other words, running sails new foo is an alias for running sails generate new foo, and like any Sails generator, the actual generator module which gets run can be overridden in your global ~/.sailsrc file.

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