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sails lift

Run the Sails app in the current dir (if node_modules/sails exists, it will be used instead of the globally installed Sails)

  • --dev - in development environment (the default). In the development environment Sails use grunt-watch to keep a eye on your files in /assets. If you change something (for example in one of our css-files) and reload your browser Sails will automatically show your changes. Also you views won't be cached so you can change your view-files without restarting Sails like the assets.
  • --prod - in production environment
  • --port <portNum> - on the port specified by portNum instead of the default (1337)
  • --verbose - with verbose logging enabled
  • --silly - with insane logging enabled


$ sails lift

info: Starting app...

info:    Sails              <|
info:    v0.10.3             |\
info:                       /|.\
info:                      / || \
info:                    ,'  |'  \
info:                 .-'.-==|/_--'
info:                 `--'-------' 
info:    __---___--___---___--___---___--___
info:  ____---___--___---___--___---___--___-__
info: Server lifted in `/Users/mikermcneil/code/sandbox/second`
info: To see your app, visit http://localhost:1337
info: To shut down Sails, press <CTRL> + C at any time.

debug: --------------------------------------------------------
debug: :: Sat Apr 05 2014 17:03:39 GMT-0500 (CDT)

debug: Environment : development
debug: Port        : 1337
debug: --------------------------------------------------------

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