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Destroy (Blueprint)

Deletes an existing record specified by id from the database forever and returns the values of the deleted record.

DELETE /:model/:record

Destroys the model instance which matches the id parameter. Responds with a JSON object representing the newly destroyed instance. If no model instance exists matching the specified id, a 404 is returned.

Additionally, a destroy event will be published to all sockets subscribed to the instance room.

Consequently, all sockets currently subscribed to the instance will be unsubscribed from it.


Parameter Type Details

The primary key value of the record to destroy. For POST (RESTful) requests, this can be supplied in the JSON body or as part of the route path. For GET (shortcut) requests, it must be supplied in the route path.
callback If specified, a JSONP response will be sent (instead of JSON). This is the name of the client-side javascript function to call, passing results as the first (and only) argument

e.g. ?callback=myJSONPHandlerFn


Destroy (REST)

Delete Pinkie Pie.


DELETE /pony

JSON Request Body
  "id": 4
Expected Response
  "name": "Pinkie Pie",
  "hobby": "kickin",
  "id": 4,
  "createdAt": "2013-10-18T01:23:56.000Z",
  "updatedAt": "2013-11-26T22:55:19.951Z"

Destroy (Shortcuts)


GET /pony/destroy/4

Expected Response

Same as above.

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