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Creating a Service?

Simply save a Javascript file containing a function or object into your api/services folder. The filename will be used as the globally-accessible variable name for the service. For example, an email service might look something like this:

// EmailService.js - in api/services
module.exports = {

    sendInviteEmail: function(options) {

        var opts = {"type":"messages","call":"send","message":
                "subject": "YourIn!",
                "from_email": "[email protected]",
                "from_name": "AmazingStartupApp",
                    {"email":, "name":}
                "text": "Dear "",\nYou're in the Beta! Click <insert link> to verify your account"



You can then use EmailService anywhere in your app:

// Somewhere in a controller
  EmailService.sendInviteEmail({email: '[email protected]', name: 'test'});

Is something missing?

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