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Content Security Policy

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a W3C specification for instructing the client browser as to which location and/or which type of resources are allowed to be loaded. This spec uses "directives" to define a loading behaviors for target resource types. Directives can be specified using HTTP response headers or or HTML Meta tags.

HTTP Headers

Header Browsers
Content-Security-Policy (W3C Standard header) Chrome version >= 25, Firefox version >= 23, Opera version >= 19
X-Content-Security-Policy Firefox version < 23, IE version 10
X-WebKit-CSP Chrome version < 25

Supported Directives

default-src Loading policy for all resources type in case a resource type dedicated directive is not defined (fallback)
script-src Defines which scripts the protected resource can execute
object-src Defines from where the protected resource can load plugins
style-src Defines which styles (CSS) the user applies to the protected resource
img-src Defines from where the protected resource can load images
media-src Defines from where the protected resource can load video and audio
frame-src Defines from where the protected resource can embed frames
font-src Defines from where the protected resource can load fonts
connect-src Defines which URIs the protected resource can load using script interfaces
form-action Defines which URIs can be used as the action of HTML form elements
sandbox Specifies an HTML sandbox policy that the user agent applies to the protected resource
script-nonce Defines script execution by requiring the presence of the specified nonce on script elements
plugin-types Defines the set of plugins that can be invoked by the protected resource by limiting the types of resources that can be embedded
reflected-xss Instructs a user agent to activate or deactivate any heuristics used to filter or block reflected cross-site scripting attacks, equivalent to the effects of the non-standard X-XSS-Protection header
report-uri Specifies a URI to which the user agent sends reports about policy violation

For more information, see the W3C CSP Spec

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