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Creating a Project Hook

Project hooks are custom Sails hooks that reside in an application’s api/hooks folder. They are typically useful when you want to take advantage of hook features like defaults and routes for code that is used by multiple components in a single app. If you wish to re-use a hook in more than one Sails app, see creating an installable hook instead.

To create a new project hook:

  1. Choose a name for your new hook. It must not conflict with any of the core hook names.
  2. Create a folder with that name in your app’s api/hooks folder.
  3. Add an index.js file to that folder.
  4. Write your hook code in index.js in accordance with the hook specification.

Your new folder may contain other files as well, which can be loaded in your hook via require; only index.js will be read automatically by Sails.

As an alternative to a folder, you may create a file in your app’s api/hooks folder like api/hooks/myProjectHook.js.

Testing that your hook loads properly

To test that your hook is being loaded by Sails, lift your app with sails lift --verbose. If your hook is loaded, you will see a message like:

verbose: your-hook-name hook loaded successfully.

in the logs.

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