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The defaults feature can be implemented either as an object or a function which takes a single argument (see “using defaults as a function” below) and returns an object. The object you specify will be used to provide default configuration values for Sails. You should use this feature to specify default settings for your hook. For example, if you were creating a hook that communicates with a remote service, you may want to provide a default domain and timeout length:

   myapihook: {
      timeout: 5000,
      domain: ""

If a myapihook.timeout value is provided via a Sails configuration file, that value will be used; otherwise it will default to 5000.

Namespacing your hook configuration

For project hooks, you should namespace your hook’s configuration under a key that uniquely identifies that hook (e.g. myapihook above). For installable hooks, you should use the special __configKey__ key to allow end-users of your hook to change the configuration key if necessary. The default key for a hook using __configKey__ is the hook name. For example, if you create a hook called sails-hooks-myawesomehook which includes the following defaults object:

   __configKey__: {
      name: "Super Bob"

then it will, by default, provide default settings for the value. If the end-user of the hook overrides the hook name to be foo, then the defaults object will provide a default value for

Using defaults as a function

If you specify a function for the defaults feature instead of a plain object, it takes a single argument (config) which receives any Sails configuration overrides. Configuration overrides can be made by passing settings to the command line when lifting Sails (e.g. sails lift --prod), by passing an object as the first argument when programmatically lifting or loading Sails (e.g. Sails.lift({port: 1338}, ...)) or by using a .sailsrc file. The defaults function should return a plain object representing configuration defaults for your hook.

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