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Can I use environment variables?

Yes! You can also configure the port and environment settings in Sails using environment variables. NODE_ENV=production sails lift PORT=443 sails lift

Where do I put my production database credentials? Other settings?

For your other deployment/machine-specific settings, namely any kind of credentials, you should use config/local.js.
It's included in your .gitignore file by default so you don't inadvertently commit your credentials to your code repository.


// Local configuration
// Included in the .gitignore by default,
// this is where you include configuration overrides for your local system
// or for a production deployment.
// For example, to use port 80 on the local machine, override the `port` config
module.exports = {
    port: 80,
    environment: 'production',
    adapters: {
        mysql: {
            user: 'root',
            password: '12345'
How do I get my Sails app on the server?

Is your Node.js instance already spun up? When you have the ip address, you can go ahead and ssh onto it, then sudo npm install -g forever to install Sails and forever for the first time.

Then git clone your project (or scp it onto the server if it's not in a git repo) into a new folder on the server and cd into it, and forever start app.js

Performance Benchmarks

Performance in Sails is comparable to what you'd expect from a standard Node.js/Express application. In other words, fast! We've done some optimizations ourselves in Sails and Waterline, but primarily, our focus has been on not messing up what was already really fast. Above all, we have @ry, @visionmedia, @isaacs, #v8, @joyent and the rest of the Node.js core team to thank.

Issues #3099 and #2779 are about a memory leak. It resides in the express-session module used by default, which stores sessions in-memory. To disable it, make sure that you disable sessions in the .sailsrc:

"hooks": {
  "session": false

You may also use an alternative (redis/mongo/cookies) to store sessions.

Is something missing?

If you notice something we've missed or could be improved on, please follow this link and submit a pull request to the sails-docs repo. Once we merge it, the changes will be reflected on the website the next time it is deployed.