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Using .sailsrc Files

In addition to the other methods of configuring your app, as of version 0.10, you can now specify configuration for one or more apps in .sailsrc file(s) (thanks to Dominic Tarr's excellent rc module). rc files are most useful for configuring the command-line and/or applying configuration settings to ALL of the Sails apps you run on your computer.

When the Sails CLI runs a command, it first looks for .sailsrc files (in either JSON or .ini format) in the current directory and in your home folder (i.e. ~/.sailsrc) (every newly generated Sails app comes with a boilerplate .sailsrc file). Then it merges them in to its existing configuration.

Actually, Sails looks for .sailsrc files in a few other places (following rc conventions). You can put a .sailsrc file at any of those paths. That said, stick to convention when you can- the best place to put a global .sailsrc file is in your home directory (i.e. ~/.sailsrc).

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