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 * grunt/pipeline.js
 * The order in which your css, javascript, and template files should be
 * compiled and linked from your views and static HTML files.
 * (Note that you can take advantage of Grunt-style wildcard/glob/splat expressions
 * for matching multiple files.)

// CSS files to inject in order
// (if you're using LESS with the built-in default config, you'll want
//  to change `assets/styles/importer.less` instead.)
var cssFilesToInject = [

// Client-side javascript files to inject in order
// (uses Grunt-style wildcard/glob/splat expressions)
var jsFilesToInject = [

  // Dependencies like, jQuery, or Angular
  // are brought in here

  // All of the rest of your client-side js files
  // will be injected here in no particular order.

// Client-side HTML templates are injected using the sources below
// The ordering of these templates shouldn't matter.
// (uses Grunt-style wildcard/glob/splat expressions)
// By default, Sails uses JST templates and precompiles them into
// functions for you.  If you want to use jade, handlebars, dust, etc.,
// with the linker, no problem-- you'll just want to make sure the precompiled
// templates get spit out to the same file.  Be sure and check out `tasks/`
// for information on customizing and installing new tasks.
var templateFilesToInject = [

// Prefix relative paths to source files so they point to the proper locations
// (i.e. where the other Grunt tasks spit them out, or in some cases, where
// they reside in the first place)
module.exports.cssFilesToInject = {
  return '.tmp/public/' + path;
module.exports.jsFilesToInject = {
  return '.tmp/public/' + path;
module.exports.templateFilesToInject = {
  return 'assets/' + path;

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