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 * Precompiles Underscore templates to a `.jst` file.
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------
 * (i.e. basically it takes HTML files and turns them into tiny little
 *  javascript functions that you pass data to and return HTML. This can
 *  speed up template rendering on the client, and reduce bandwidth usage.)
 * For usage docs see:

module.exports = function(grunt) {

    var templateFilesToInject = [

    grunt.config.set('jst', {
        dev: {

            // To use other sorts of templates, specify a regexp like the example below:
            // options: {
            //   templateSettings: {
            //     interpolate: /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g
            //   }
            // },

            // Note that the interpolate setting above is simply an example of overwriting lodash's
            // default interpolation. If you want to parse templates with the default _.template behavior
            // (i.e. using <div></div>), there's no need to overwrite `templateSettings.interpolate`.

            files: {
                // e.g.
                // 'relative/path/from/gruntfile/to/compiled/template/destination'  : ['relative/path/to/sourcefiles/**/*.html']
                '.tmp/public/jst.js': require('../pipeline').templateFilesToInject


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