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 * Blueprint API Configuration
 * (sails.config.blueprints)
 * These settings are for the global configuration of blueprint routes and
 * request options (which impact the behavior of blueprint actions).
 * You may also override any of these settings on a per-controller basis
 * by defining a '_config' key in your controller defintion, and assigning it
 * a configuration object with overrides for the settings in this file.
 * For more information on configuring the blueprint API, check out:

module.exports.blueprints = {

   * NOTE:
   * A lot of the configuration options below affect so-called "CRUD methods",
   * or your controllers' `find`, `create`, `update`, and `destroy` actions.
   * It's important to realize that, even if you haven't defined these yourself, as long as
   * a model exists with the same name as the controller, Sails will respond with built-in CRUD
   * logic in the form of a JSON API, including support for sort, pagination, and filtering.

  // Action blueprints speed up the backend development workflow by eliminating the need
  // to manually bind routes. When enabled, GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE routes will be
  // generated for every one of a controller's actions.
  // If an `index` action exists, additional naked routes will be created for it.
  // Finally, all `actions` blueprints support an optional path parameter, `id`, for convenience.
  // For example, assume we have an EmailController with actions `send` and `index`.
  // With `actions` enabled, the following blueprint routes would be bound at runtime:
  // `EmailController.index`
  // :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  // `GET     /email/:id?`        `GET    /email/index/:id?`
  // `POST    /email/:id?`        `POST   /email/index/:id?`
  // `PUT     /email/:id?`        `PUT    /email/index/:id?`
  // `DELETE  /email/:id?`        `DELETE /email/index/:id?`
  // `EmailController.send`
  // :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  // `GET     /email/send/:id?`
  // `POST    /email/send/:id?`
  // `PUT     /email/send/:id?`
  // `DELETE  /email/send/:id?`
  // `actions` are enabled by default, and can be OK for production-- however,
  // if you'd like to continue to use controller/action autorouting in a production deployment,
  // you must take great care not to inadvertently expose unsafe/unintentional controller logic
  // to GET requests.
  actions: true,

  // RESTful Blueprints
  // (``)
  // REST blueprints are the automatically generated routes Sails uses to expose
  // a conventional REST API on top of a controller's `find`, `create`, `update`, and `destroy`
  // actions.
  // For example, a BoatController with `rest` enabled generates the following routes:
  // :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  // GET      /boat/:id?      -> BoatController.find
  // POST     /boat           -> BoatController.create
  // PUT      /boat/:id       -> BoatController.update
  // DELETE   /boat/:id       -> BoatController.destroy
  // `rest` blueprint routes are enabled by default, and are suitable for use
  // in a production scenario, as long you take standard security precautions
  // (combine w/ policies, etc.)
  rest: true,

  // Shortcut blueprints are simple helpers to provide access to a controller's CRUD methods
  // from your browser's URL bar.  When enabled, GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE routes will be generated
  // for the controller's`find`, `create`, `update`, and `destroy` actions.
  // `shortcuts` are enabled by default, but should be disabled in production.
  shortcuts: true,

  // An optional mount path for all blueprint routes on a controller, including `rest`,
  // `actions`, and `shortcuts`.  This allows you to take advantage of blueprint routing,
  // even if you need to namespace your API methods.
  // * (NOTE: This only applies to blueprint autoroutes, not manual routes from `sails.config.routes`)
  // For example, `prefix: '/api/v2'` would make the following REST blueprint routes
  // for a FooController:
  // `GET /api/v2/foo/:id?`
  // `POST /api/v2/foo`
  // `PUT /api/v2/foo/:id`
  // `DELETE /api/v2/foo/:id`
  // By default, no prefix is used.
  prefix: '',

  // Whether to pluralize controller names in blueprint routes.
  // (NOTE: This only applies to blueprint autoroutes, not manual routes from `sails.config.routes`)
  // For example, REST blueprints for `FooController` with `pluralize` enabled:
  // GET    /foos/:id?
  // POST   /foos
  // PUT    /foos/:id?
  // DELETE /foos/:id?
  pluralize: false,

  // Whether to send pub/sub socket (or 'comet') events to the client they originated from.
  // If `mirror` is false, then the client making the requests (for example, to update a record)
  // will not receive the associated resourceful pub/sub events (for example 'updated'). However,
  // all other subscribed client's will receive the event.
  // If `mirror` is true, the client making requests WILL receive the associated resourceful
  // pub/sub events, along will all other subscribed clients.
  mirror: false


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