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This file exists only to tell Node how to start your app. It is used once and only when you lift your app from the command line. You should just ignore this file.

 * app.js
 * Use `app.js` to run your app without `sails lift`.
 * To start the server, run: `node app.js`.
 * This is handy in situations where the sails CLI is not relevant or useful.
 * For example:
 *   => `node app.js`
 *   => `forever start app.js`
 *   => `node debug app.js`
 *   => `modulus deploy`
 *   => `heroku scale`
 * The same command-line arguments are supported, e.g.:
 * `node app.js --silent --port=80 --prod`

// Ensure a "sails" can be located:
var sails;
try {
    sails = require('sails');
} catch (e) {
    console.error('To run an app using `node app.js`, you usually need to have a version of `sails` installed in the same directory as your app.');
    console.error('To do that, run `npm install sails`');
    console.error('Alternatively, if you have sails installed globally (i.e. you did `npm install -g sails`), you can use `sails lift`.');
    console.error('When you run `sails lift`, your app will still use a local `./node_modules/sails` dependency if it exists,');
    console.error('but if it doesn\'t, the app will run with the global sails instead!');

// Try to get `rc` dependency
var rc;
try {
    rc = require('rc');
} catch (e0) {
    try {
        rc = require('sails/node_modules/rc');
    } catch (e1) {
        console.error('Could not find dependency: `rc`.');
        console.error('Your `.sailsrc` file(s) will be ignored.');
        console.error('To resolve this, run:');
        console.error('npm install rc --save');
        rc = function () { return {}; };

// Start server

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