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This folder contains your services. 'Services' are similar to controller actions but are typically used for things that don't nessecarily have to happen between the time when the user sends a request and when the server sends back a response. Any logic that doesn't rely on .req() and .res() can be turned into a service if for no other reason than to keep your controllers clean and managable.

Hypothetically, one could create a service for

  • Sending emails
  • Automating tweets to celebrities
  • Retreiving data from a third party API then pushing that data to your client WHEN IT'S READY (over websockets)

Services are written in one or more .js file within this directory.

Example Email.js

module.exports = {
    send: function(to,from,body){
        // fancy code that sends an email

You would call this service with Email.send('rick','bill','lol')

Mind your case. Email.send !== email.send

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