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This is one of the default Server Responses included in a new Sails project.

It contains the logic for what should happen when you wish to issue an http 500 response. It can be issued from anywhere you have access to the express res object by calling res.serverError.

Feel free to edit this file to suit your needs. You can also create a custom response using our sails-generate-custom-response generator.

See the Response section of Reference Documentation for more info.

 * 500 (Server Error) Response
 * Usage:
 * return res.serverError();
 * return res.serverError(err);
 * return res.serverError(err, view);
 * return res.serverError(err, redirectTo);
 * NOTE:
 * If something throws in a policy or controller, or an internal
 * error is encountered, Sails will call `res.serverError()`
 * automatically.

module.exports = function serverError (err, viewOrRedirect) {

  // Get access to `req` & `res`
  var req = this.req;
  var res = this.res;

  // Serve JSON (with optional JSONP support)
  function sendJSON (data) {
    if (!data) {
      return res.send();
    else {
      if (typeof data !== 'object' || data instanceof Error) {
        data = {error: data};

      if ( req.options.jsonp && !req.isSocket ) {
        return res.jsonp(data);
      else return res.json(data);

  // Set status code

  // Log error to console
  this.req._sails.log.error('Sent 500 ("Server Error") response');
  if (err) {

  // Only include errors in response if application environment
  // is not set to 'production'.  In production, we shouldn't
  // send back any identifying information about errors.
  if (this.req._sails.config.environment === 'production') {
    err = undefined;

  // If the user-agent wants JSON, always respond with JSON
  if (req.wantsJSON) {
    return sendJSON(err);

  // Make data more readable for view locals
  var locals;
  if (!err) { locals = {}; }
  else if (typeof err !== 'object'){
    locals = {error: err};
  else {
    var readabilify = function (value) {
      if (sails.util.isArray(value)) {
        return, readabilify);
      else if (sails.util.isPlainObject(value)) {
        return sails.util.inspect(value);
      else return value;
    locals = { error: readabilify(err) };

  // Serve HTML view or redirect to specified URL
  if (typeof viewOrRedirect === 'string') {
    if (viewOrRedirect.match(/^(\/|http:\/\/|https:\/\/)/)) {
      return res.redirect(viewOrRedirect);
    else return res.view(viewOrRedirect, locals, function viewReady(viewErr, html) {
      if (viewErr) return sendJSON(err);
      else return res.send(html);
  else return res.view('500', locals, function viewReady(viewErr, html) {
    if (viewErr) return sendJSON(err);
    else return res.send(html);


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